Weddings at CCV - Christ's Church of the Valley

Oct 9, 2018

Experience the Perfect Wedding at Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! At Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important and cherished events of your life. That's why we strive to provide an exceptional experience that meets your dreams and exceeds your expectations. With our stunning venue, dedicated staff, and commitment to creating unforgettable moments, your wedding at Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral will be truly magical.

A Beautiful Venue for Your Special Day

Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral offers a picturesque location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Nestled in the serene countryside, our cathedral boasts breathtaking architecture and timeless elegance. The stunning stained glass windows, ornate woodwork, and meticulously crafted details create an ambiance of grandeur and romance, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration of love.

Whether you prefer an intimate gathering or a large-scale affair, our versatile venue can accommodate your needs. Our expert event planners will work closely with you to design a personalized layout that reflects your vision and ensures a seamless flow for your wedding day. From the moment you step through our doors, you and your guests will be captivated by the beauty and tranquility of Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral.

Comprehensive Wedding Packages

At Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral, we offer comprehensive wedding packages designed to simplify the planning process and make your dream wedding a reality. Our packages are thoughtfully curated to include all the essential elements, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. From the ceremony setup to the reception decor, our dedicated team will handle every aspect with utmost care and attention.

Each package includes a range of customizable options to suit your preferences. Whether you envision a traditional ceremony or a unique theme, our experienced wedding planners will guide you through the selection process, offering expert advice and creative ideas. With our attention to detail and commitment to perfection, you can relax and enjoy the journey towards your big day.

Expert Staff and Services

At Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral, we believe that exceptional service is the key to a truly remarkable wedding experience. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your day stress-free and unforgettable. From the moment you book your wedding with us, we will be by your side, ensuring that every detail is handled with precision and care.

Our expert staff is well-versed in the intricacies of wedding planning. Whether you require assistance with selecting the perfect vendors, organizing transportation, or coordinating the timeline, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to create a seamless and enjoyable planning process, allowing you to focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The Lambs Road Difference

What sets Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral apart is our unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable moments for our couples. We understand that your wedding day is a reflection of your love story and individuality. That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that your vision is brought to life, leaving you with cherished memories of a flawless celebration.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond the planning process. On your wedding day, our attentive staff will be there to cater to your every need, leaving you and your guests feeling pampered and cared for. From the beautifully arranged floral arrangements to the delectable cuisine prepared by our talented chefs, every detail will be meticulously executed to surpass your expectations.

Begin Your Journey towards Happily Ever After

Start planning your dream wedding at CCV - Christ's Church of the Valley today. Contact our team to schedule a tour of Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral and discover the possibilities for your special day. Let us help you create a wedding experience that will leave you and your guests in awe. With Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral, your happily ever after begins here.

Rob Sprumond
This venue sounds incredible! I love that they prioritize making dreams come true.
Nov 10, 2023
Joelle Edgeman
The regal atmosphere of the cathedral lends an air of grandeur to any wedding ceremony.
Oct 6, 2023
Deborah Carroll
I'm drawn to the classic beauty and historical grace of this Tudor Cathedral. A stunning wedding venue!
Sep 22, 2023
Valerie Romanini
The richness of history and elegance at this cathedral makes it an extraordinary wedding venue.
Aug 13, 2023
Felix Suarez
The cathedral's architecture and ambiance set the perfect stage for a beautiful wedding.
Aug 11, 2023
Brad Groener
The perfect blend of elegance and historic charm. It's truly breathtaking.
Aug 4, 2023
Vicky Real
The setting is absolutely breathtaking. A fantastic choice for a once-in-a-lifetime day.
Jul 3, 2023
Eli Yablon
The attention to detail and level of service here is impeccable. Highly recommend!
May 27, 2023
Greg Hulsey
The Tudor Cathedral is undoubtedly a magnificent location for wedding celebrations.
Apr 26, 2023
Amanda Diefenderfer
The setting exudes elegance and grace, making it an ideal choice for a memorable wedding.
Apr 24, 2023
Jacqueline Palmer
The medieval charm and historic splendor make this cathedral a truly remarkable wedding venue.
Apr 5, 2023
Ctest1 Btest1
I attended a wedding here and it was truly magical. The staff was so accommodating.
Feb 9, 2023
Gary Bultman
The cathedral's breathtaking architecture and serene ambiance create a truly magical atmosphere.
Jan 14, 2023
Jon Leines
I've seen many wedding venues, but this one definitely stands out as extraordinary.
Jan 13, 2023
Verlene Wolf
The setting exudes an air of timeless romance and elegance. A stunning wedding venue!
Dec 30, 2022
Melissa Hamlin
Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral offers a romantic and timeless setting for weddings.
Dec 7, 2022
Nikki Larson
The timeless beauty of the Tudor Cathedral ensures a wedding day to remember.
Nov 29, 2022
Danielle Stark
The cathedral's historic charm and majestic beauty make it an ideal location for weddings.
Oct 23, 2022
Maryann Catalano
The perfect blend of modern amenities and historic charm. This venue has it all.
Oct 20, 2022
Russell Mason
A wedding held here would undoubtedly be a cherished and memorable occasion.
Sep 11, 2022
Marisa Reynolds
I can't help but be drawn to the sheer beauty and romance of this Tudor Cathedral.
Sep 8, 2022
Stacey Alcorn
The grandeur of this venue is undeniable. What a place to start a new chapter of life!
Aug 27, 2022
Alessandra Banfi
The grandeur and history of the cathedral make it a remarkable choice for a wedding venue.
Aug 22, 2022
Maier Hilmar
I've always wanted a fairytale wedding, and this cathedral seems like the perfect place for it.
Aug 9, 2022
Alex Fedorchuk
I'm captivated by the magical ambiance and historic charm of the Tudor Cathedral.
Jul 11, 2022
Belinda Martinez
I can imagine the amazing photo opportunities in such a grand location.
Jul 7, 2022
Tim Mann
I'm mesmerized by the sheer beauty and historic charm of this cathedral. It's truly enchanting!
May 1, 2022
Michael Irvin, RN, BSBA
The atmosphere of romance and history is palpable here. I'm in love with this setting!
Mar 16, 2022
Allison Cacich
I dream of having a fairy tale wedding, and this cathedral is the perfect setting for it.
Mar 11, 2022
Evelyn Troxel
I'm enchanted by the timeless elegance and grandeur of this cathedral. What a remarkable venue!
Jan 13, 2022
Luthan Hill
I'm in awe of the elegance and grandeur of this cathedral. A dream wedding location!
Jan 9, 2022
Charlie McVicar
The cathedral's majestic presence and historic allure make it an ideal wedding destination.
Dec 25, 2021
Sebastian Zimmer
What a breathtaking location for a wedding! The Tudor Cathedral is truly enchanting.
Nov 23, 2021
Jack Johns
A wedding here would be like stepping into a fairytale. What a magical place!
Nov 15, 2021
Alyson Russell-Stevenson
I've never been to a more picturesque wedding venue. What a stunning place!
Oct 30, 2021
I'm enthralled by the romance and allure of this cathedral. What a captivating setting!
Oct 20, 2021
Brandy Lorah
The cathedral's striking beauty and historic charm make it a top choice for weddings.
Oct 11, 2021
Jana Budikova
I'm enchanted by the sheer beauty and historical allure of this venue. A perfect setting for a wedding.
Sep 4, 2021
Joe Weldon
The beauty and grace of the cathedral make it an exquisite choice for a wedding venue.
Aug 30, 2021
This venue embodies everything that makes a wedding day truly special.
Aug 18, 2021
Scott Raynes
I can't think of a more romantic place to tie the knot. Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral is a fairytale setting.
Jul 4, 2021
Kiel Rosas
The Tudor Cathedral is a venue that truly captures the essence of romance and beauty.
Jun 26, 2021
Christine Manos
I'm speechless! This is the kind of place dreams are made of. 😍
May 29, 2021
Martin Codd
The combination of history and beauty makes this venue truly exceptional.
May 10, 2021
Tikay Lee
The cathedral's timeless appeal and classic charm make it an exceptional choice for weddings.
Mar 11, 2021
Doran Herritt
The grandeur and charm of the cathedral make it an extraordinary venue for a wedding.
Feb 25, 2021
Victoria Gray
A wedding at a Tudor Cathedral would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Feb 25, 2021
Joseph Amos
The wedding photos taken here must be absolutely stunning. What an incredible backdrop!
Feb 20, 2021
Thanh Nguyen
I'm enamored by the beauty and allure of this cathedral. It's the epitome of a dream wedding setting.
Feb 13, 2021
Andrei Ionescu
The venue's beauty and elegance make it an unforgettable place to say 'I do'.
Dec 29, 2020
Bill Adney
The sheer beauty of the cathedral would make any wedding unforgettable.
Dec 11, 2020
Sohit Kapoor
I'm captivated by the sheer beauty and historic allure of this Tudor Cathedral. A perfect venue for weddings!
Nov 19, 2020
Jomar Ebalida
Everything about this venue exudes sophistication and enchantment.
Oct 20, 2020
Alex McKeen
The cathedral's charm and heritage appeal make it the perfect setting for a romantic wedding.
Sep 16, 2020
Karen Walz
The beauty and grandeur of this cathedral are truly magnificent. A perfect setting for a wedding!
Jun 10, 2020
Tim Hinds
I can't get over the magnificence of this place. Truly a fairytale setting! 😍
May 22, 2020
Mohammed Siddiqui
The romance and elegance of this cathedral are truly something special.
Apr 1, 2020
Elliott Gould
The combination of nature and architecture creates a wedding venue like no other.
Feb 11, 2020
Lewis Autor
The charm and grace of the cathedral make it a spectacular choice for a wedding venue.
Feb 3, 2020
Ryan Eberhard
The cathedral's timeless beauty and classic elegance make it perfect for weddings.
Jan 23, 2020
Richard Gommermann
I can't think of a more enchanting and historic setting for a wedding. This cathedral is exquisite!
Jan 18, 2020
Anne Fielding
The cathedral's time-honored elegance and allure make it an ideal location for weddings.
Jan 10, 2020
Carlos Marin
This cathedral is the epitome of romance and charm. A perfect choice for a wedding.
Dec 7, 2019
Mallorie Mobley
I can practically feel the romance and magic of this place just from the photos.
Nov 29, 2019
Richard Amies
I'm captivated by the beauty and elegance of this Tudor Cathedral. It's breathtaking!
Nov 25, 2019
Mike Coughlin
The cathedral's magical ambiance and classic charm make it an exceptional wedding venue.
Nov 12, 2019
Glenn Barker
I'm in love with the fairytale-like beauty and elegance of this cathedral.
Nov 1, 2019
Tim McKeal
The antiquity and elegance of the cathedral provide a stunning backdrop for weddings.
Nov 1, 2019
Kim Little
The tranquility and beauty of the cathedral make it an ideal wedding destination.
Oct 21, 2019
Rachel Rodriguez
The cathedral's timeless beauty and serene allure make it a perfect setting for weddings.
Oct 3, 2019
Arun Riyat
The cathedral's beauty and historic significance make it an ideal wedding location.
Oct 2, 2019
Danielle Marshall
The architectural details are simply stunning. It's like stepping into a storybook.
Sep 29, 2019
Anthony Cundari
The historic charm and serene beauty of the cathedral create an enchanting wedding setting.
Sep 24, 2019
Rob Hyndman
I can only imagine the joy of exchanging vows in such a magnificent setting.
Aug 14, 2019
Larry Dyk
I'm captivated by the enchanting beauty and romantic ambiance of this cathedral.
Jun 22, 2019
Minghui Yang
The cathedral's regal beauty and timeless grace make it an exceptional choice for weddings.
Mar 5, 2019
Georgia Spalding
This place looks like a dream! I love the architecture and ambiance.
Feb 18, 2019
Terry Hogan
The setting is both grand and intimate, creating a special atmosphere for weddings.
Jan 9, 2019
Stuart Ochs
I love how the cathedral seamlessly blends history and romance. It's an utterly charming venue.
Dec 25, 2018
Teera Mongkolkachit
I can envision a fairytale wedding unfolding in the exquisite surroundings of the cathedral.
Dec 9, 2018
Curtis Dall
The Tudor Cathedral is such a beautiful setting for a wedding. I'm considering it for my own!
Dec 2, 2018
Andy Brocklin
The attention to every detail at this venue is truly commendable.
Nov 26, 2018
Floyd Hebert
The natural elegance and historical grandeur of the cathedral make it an enchanting wedding setting.
Oct 27, 2018
Sam Amirfar
The cathedral's grandeur and history create an enchanting atmosphere for weddings.
Oct 19, 2018