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Dec 24, 2020
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Welcome to Lambs Road Tudor Cathedral, a place where history and faith intersect. In this article, we explore the intriguing question: When did Greek religion come to an end?

The Background: Greek Religion

Greek religion, also known as Hellenism, was a complex system of beliefs and rituals practiced by the ancient Greeks. It was deeply intertwined with every aspect of their daily lives, including politics, art, and philosophy.

Greek gods and goddesses played a significant role in Greek religion, with each deity overseeing specific domains such as love, war, wisdom, and fertility. The Greeks believed that these gods had control over various aspects of their lives and sought their favor through prayers, sacrifices, and rituals.

The worship of Greek gods was spread throughout the Greek world for centuries, starting from the archaic period and continuing through the classical and Hellenistic periods. However, the arrival of Christianity marked a turning point in the history of Greek religion.

The Impact of Christianity

The spread of Christianity had a profound impact on the decline of Greek religion. As Christianity gained popularity, it challenged the beliefs and practices of the ancient Greek pantheon. The emergence of a monotheistic faith clashed with the polytheistic nature of Greek religion.

With the rise of the Roman Empire and the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity in the 4th century AD, the influence of Christianity began to reshape society. Many Greeks adopted Christianity, causing a decline in the adherence to traditional Greek religious practices.

Theodosius I, the Roman Emperor from 379 to 395 AD, played a significant role in the end of Greek religion. In 391 AD, he proclaimed Christianity as the official state religion of the Roman Empire and banned the practice of all other religions, including Greek paganism.

The Transition: From Greek Paganism to Christianity

The transition from Greek paganism to Christianity was not sudden but rather gradual and complex. Over several centuries, the influence of Christianity gradually replaced traditional Greek religious practices.

One of the key factors contributing to the demise of Greek religion was the conversion of influential individuals, including philosophers and intellectuals, to Christianity. This shift in beliefs had a ripple effect on society, influencing others to follow suit.

As Christianity became more widespread, the focus shifted from ancient Greek gods to the teachings of Christ and the worship of one God. The Christian Church gained power and influence, leading to the establishment of numerous churches and the decline of Greek temples.

The Legacy of Greek Religion

Although Greek religion eventually faded away, its legacy continues to shape various aspects of our society. The influence of Greek mythology can be seen in art, literature, and even modern language. Many concepts and terms originated from the Greek gods and goddesses.

The architectural wonders of ancient Greece, such as the Parthenon, serve as a reminder of the religious beliefs and practices of that era. These structures, although no longer places of worship, stand as a testament to the rich history and culture of ancient Greece.


In conclusion, the demise of Greek religion occurred as Christianity gained traction and eventually became the dominant faith in the region. The influence of the Roman Empire, the conversion of influential figures, and the proclamation of Christianity as the official state religion were crucial factors in the end of Greek religion.

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