Discover A Vibrant Place of Worship in the Heart of the Bronx, NYC

Oct 16, 2023

Welcome to

Welcome to, the online home of the First Community Church in the Bronx, New York City. As an esteemed Synagogue and Religious Organization, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive space for individuals from all walks of life. Our mission is to foster spiritual growth, provide meaningful worship experiences, and serve our community with compassion and love.

Join Us for Worship

If you are searching for a Bronx NYC church that offers inspiring worship services, is here for you. Our services are carefully crafted to provide a transformative experience through powerful messages, uplifting music, and a sense of community. Whether you are a long-time believer or just beginning your spiritual journey, our doors are always open to you.

Our Community is proud to be an integral part of the Bronx community. We believe in the power of togetherness and work tirelessly to create meaningful connections both within our congregation and with the wider community. Our diverse range of programs and activities caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Engaging Programs

At, we understand the importance of engaging programs that nurture spiritual growth and personal development. We offer a wide array of initiatives, including:

  • Adult Bible Studies: Journey alongside fellow believers as we explore the rich teachings of the Bible and apply them to our daily lives.
  • Youth Programs: Empowering the next generation with programs designed to instill values, provide mentorship, and foster community involvement.
  • Community Outreach: Making a positive impact beyond our walls by actively participating in community service and social justice initiatives.
  • Mission Trips: Broaden your horizons and embrace the spirit of giving by joining our mission trips both locally and abroad.

A Welcoming Environment

When you step into, you become part of a warm and inclusive community where everyone is valued and respected. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your experience is welcoming and uplifting from the moment you arrive.

Find Your Spiritual Home believes that finding a spiritual home is an essential aspect of personal growth and fulfillment. We invite you to explore our website, join us for worship, and discover the incredible sense of community that has made us a leading church in the Bronx, NYC.

Why Choose

  • Rich History: With a heritage dating back several decades, is grounded in tradition while embracing innovation.
  • Inclusive Philosophy: Our doors are open to all, regardless of background, ethnicity, or spiritual journey.
  • Inspiring Services: Our worship experiences are designed to uplift, inspire, and challenge you to grow in your faith.
  • Engaging Community: Make lifelong connections and friendships within our vibrant and diverse community.
  • Compassionate Outreach: We actively engage with our community through programs and initiatives that address real-world challenges.

Visit Today!

When it comes to finding a synagogue, religious organization, or church in the Bronx, NYC, remember that is here to welcome you with open arms. Explore our website, reach out to our friendly team, and come experience the warmth, fellowship, and spiritual growth that has to offer. We look forward to meeting you!

Peter Raphael
That's wonderful! 🌟 It's great to see a place that promotes unity and spiritual growth.
Nov 7, 2023
Mike Mochan
Sounds like a fantastic place to find spiritual growth and a warm community! 🌟
Oct 26, 2023
Pat Zinovik
🎉 Exciting! is your vibrant place of worship in the heart of the Bronx. Join us for spiritual growth and a welcoming community! 🙏
Oct 19, 2023